Not in HER image!

So(joy)urners Cultivating sibling love Today will be taking a walk down a somewhat messy, often confusing- yet immensely relatable path; if you’re like me & haven’t got this whole sibling thing figured out, then I invite you to jump in this figurative car and lets go for a juicy ride! Our story begins in the … More Not in HER image!

“In the weeds”

 If you have ever worked in a restaurant than you’ve more than likely heard the term “in the weeds”. This phrase is often used to describe when someone has taken on so much that they have fallen behind altogether in their work. Struggle bus central! The thing about being in the weeds is you often … More “In the weeds”

The Text Message I Couldn’t Hit “Send”

Two weeks!! Two weeks of intentionality and checking in for my availability came down to this moment– I saw you….and everything else…disappeared. Instant chemistry! I remember it like it was yesterday; we met at the Cheesecake factory for appetizers and conversation. Egg rolls for the gentleman, ahi tuna for the lady. It was public, dialogue … More The Text Message I Couldn’t Hit “Send”