Love letters: (Part seven) A Letter to Myself

Hey darling,


I just wanted to write you a quick note for the days that aren’t Instagram worthy, the days when everything seems to go wrong, when the emotional trauma from the sexual assault seems to take over, the days when your failures seem to be pushing out of the closet and you can no longer hide. The days of regret will pass and it’s perfectly okay to be sad about the situation. You aren’t Superwoman, but you do have a super power; the power to love yourself. As the world continues to turn, I want you to give yourself time to heal. I want you to speak your truth and control your destiny. I want you to be angry. I want you to forgive. I want you feel like nothing is going right. But amongst all I want you to love yourself. You belong in this world and above all… You are loved, by yourself!

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