Love Letters : (Part One) Dear Mom

Dear mom,
Thank you for the long nights. The ones where you didn’t get enough sleep because I wouldn’t stop crying. You had work in the morning and still stayed up with me. I didn’t know how much it meant. I’m too young to see the sacrifice. I can’t believe you just let me throw up on you like that. So gross. I think you need to change me again. Is it time to eat yet?

Dear mom,
You’ll always love me, right? I have nightmares that you can’t hear me when I scream. But you’re my real-life superhero. There’s no way you wouldn’t be there… Is there? Remember when you asked me what I wanted for Christmas? I said nothing because I didn’t want us to be poor. You work so hard mom. I wish I could do more… I can’t read yet, but one day you’ll teach me, right? When you have some more time? Why did you and daddy split up? I wish I could see him more… Did he make you happy like I do? I get to go to school next year. I’m so excited!

Dear mom,
They picked on me at school again. They called me names for being gentle. I thought I was supposed to be gentle. Didn’t you teach me to treat everyone with respect? I wonder why their moms haven’t taught them that yet… You said I should never hit a lady and to always respect my elders. The other kids don’t seem to care. I wonder why I’m so different. Oh well. At least I know you love me. I’m learning so much. They even taught me how to read! I still can’t
draw my shapes yet… They’re really hard. Why do they make us draw diamonds? Triangles are MUCH easier. The kids are all so different. I learn new things all the time. Thank you for taking
me to school every day!

Dear mom,
I can’t believe she broke my heart… The second woman I ever loved. After you of course. I’m sorry I made you watch me fall in love. Your baby boy who you raised to be a man. I thought I knew better than you. You told me to be careful. You tried to warn me that young love is fleeting. “Mama always knows best” huh? I didn’t know how true that statement was…
I’m getting scared again. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. They’ve been asking since I started school. I keep telling them that I just want to help people, but they say it’s not a
real job. They keep talking about test scores and colleges. I better think of something soon…

Dear mom,
Time flew by huh? New cities. New dreams. I’m glad you’re letting me chase after something. I know you’re always there supporting me. You tell me I’ll always have a place if anything happens. You’re a gem mom. You’ve sacrificed so much for me. Given so much for me. I’ll never be able to thank you enough. Never be able to repay you. I’m forever grateful. You’re a queen who raised me to think like a king. I love you to the moon and back.

Dear mom– love Victor

A special note to all strong, single mothers: thank you! Anyone can have a baby but it takes a special kind of human to RAISE a child. Whether your children are full grown or are still babies, let me say, there will be a day when all oyur sacrifices are seen and valued. DO NOT give up.
We need you.
To our first Valetines– thank you

– Joy in the Journey 

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