oh crap!

This is an exclusive little post for my subscribers.

During my time in Costa Rica I got really sick and one day, constipation. During my time crying on the toilet, without my phone, I had some great dook revelation. Enjoy. 😉

there’s a lot of crap that God is trying to take out of our lives. Small things. Big things—

Sometimes it flows right out.

Sometimes it gets a little messy.

SOMETIMES you need a little push!

in some cases you have to be a little patient, wait— because it’s gonna hurt…. but you have to go through the pain before the big release into freedom.

But even after the worst pain has past, there are times where the aftermath still feels like we haven’t finished… but that’s just part of the process. That’s part of the healing too ♥️

4 thoughts on “oh crap!

  1. Wow princess I love this is so true and reality . Thank you for allowing God to use you because this made me realize some things . Love you my princess ❤️❤️❤️


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